Dragon City 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds/Food)

There is currently no official “Dragon City 2” game. It is possible that you may come across websites or individuals claiming to have a modded version of a game called “Dragon City 2,” but it is important to be cautious when downloading or using any unofficial software. Such software may be malicious or may not function as intended, and using it could potentially harm your device or result in account bans or other consequences. It is important to only download and use software from trusted sources and to respect the terms of service of the games and apps that you use.

Brief Summary of Dragon City 2

Make a city in the skies where all dragons can live. Have you ever desired to realise this goal? Comes and Know about more dragons in dragon city 2 mod apk.

Brief history

You’ll be allowed to see the enigmatic island while following the protagonist who aspires to become the ultimate Dragon Master. Many different kinds of dragons and other enigmatic creatures exist; they can be kind and cuddly or hostile, powerful, and excellent fighters. On the island itself, you will be directed to directly encounter and defeat these legendary species.

Dragon city 2 mod apk is a very interested game. Here you can enjoy your leisure time. Play with Dragons and enjoy Dragons land. Download dragon city 2 mod apk and enjoy more this game.

About Dragon City 2 Mod Apk

For all dragons, construct a city in the clouds. Have you ever wished to fulfil this dream?


We shall be invited to tour the mysterious island while travelling with the subject, who aspires to be a supreme dragon hero. This area is home to numerous varieties of dragons and other strange creatures that are looking good, aggressive, and strong. We won’t be allowed to approach or capture the creatures described in this tale on the island itself, as per instructions.

Dragon care

Don’t give the struggling stage too much importance. The process of finding, raising, and practising dragons is actually what draws users to Dragon City 2. Simply because you are recognized for your talent—the capacity to cross-breed and combine dragons to create a brand-new, intriguing species that is more powerful. This new breed combines the strengths of its mother and father to become more and more whole and combat-ready.

Features of Dragon City 2 Mod Apk

As I mentioned previously, there is no official “Dragon City 2” game, and it is not appropriate for me to provide information on any alleged modded versions of the game. Using such software may be against the terms of service of the original game and could potentially lead to account bans or other consequences. It is important to only use software from trusted sources and to respect the terms of service of the games and apps that you use.

Mod Features of Dragon City 2 Mod Apk

As I mentioned previously, there is no official “Dragon City 2” game, and it is not appropriate for me to provide information on any alleged modded versions of the game. Using such software may be against the terms of service of the original game and could potentially lead to account bans or other consequences. It is important to only use software from trusted sources and to respect the terms of service of the games and apps that you use.

In general, it is important to be cautious when using modded versions of games or apps. Such software may not function as intended, and using it could potentially harm your device or result in account bans or other consequences. It is always a good idea to read the terms of service of the games and apps that you use and to play and use them in an appropriate and legal manner.

How to Download & Install Dragon City MOD APK

  • Download from the link given below in the download section.
  • Go to the folder where you have downloaded the Dragon City Mod Apk. And click on the apk file you have downloaded.
  • Now Click on the Install Option on the bottom left corner.
  • After Clicking on the Install option, the installation process will get started. Wait for few seconds.
  • After a few seconds, the application will be successfully be installed on your device and you can enjoy using it.
  • Enjoy the

Download the most recent version of Dragon City mod apk.


What to do in Dragon City 2 Mod?

Make sure to support the dragons as they are taken care of, have fun, and raise their game-playing proficiency.

Can I Download and Play Dragon City 2?

To play this game, you must have an online connection.

Background of the mod for Dragon City 2?

We’ll be given the opportunity to discover the enigmatic island. Dragons and other enigmatic creatures can be found there, and the island is where these fabled species are usually caught.

Dragon City Breeding Guide 2023

Simple Breeding

There are eight basic dragons in Dragon City that can only be purchased they cannot be obtained through breeding. Here you Learn about Dragon City Breeding Guide

Season Special Dragons in Dragon City

There are many dragons in dragon city who are special :

  • Terra Dragons.
  • Flame Dragons.
  • Sea Dragons.
  • Dark Dragons.
  • Light Dragons.

Dragon City 2 MOD APK

Dragons Names in Dragon City

Nature Dragon

Flame Dragon

Terra Dragon

Sea Dragon Electric

Dragon Ice Dragon

Metal Dragon

Dark Dragon

Dragon City

Breeding Dragons from Generation 1

The full list of “Rank 1” dragons that you can create in Dragon City by taking just one step from the foundational dragons is provided below. For your convenience, the dragons may be duplicated in each subsection. The dragons’ breeding results are unaffected by the order in which you enter them. The majority of it is based solely on luck.

Terra Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Dragon Terra hybrid one generation
Flaming Rock or Volcano = Terra + Flame.
Nature + Terra = Tropical or Cactus.
Sea + Terra = Mud or Waterfall.
Electric + Terra = Star or Chameleon.
Alpine or Snow Flake is created from terra + ice.
Armadillo = Terra + Metal.
Dark and Terra equal Hedgehog or Venom.

Flame Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Terra + Flame = Volcano or Flaming Rock.
Cloud or Blizzard = Flame + Sea.
Nature + Flame = Firebird or Spicy.
Electric + Flame = Laser or Hot Metal.
Metal + Flame = Steampunk or Medieval.
Vampire or Dark Flame = Flame + Dark.

Sea Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Terra + Sea = Waterfall or Mud.
Cloud or Blizzard = Sea + Flame.
Nature + the sea equals Nenufar or coral.
Electricity + Sea = Lantern Fish or Storm.
Sea + Ice Equals Ice Cream or an Ice Cube.
Mercury or a seashell is what you get when you combine the sea and metal.

Nature Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Terra + Nature = Tropical.
Flame + nature equals Firebird or Spicy.
Sea and nature equal Nenufar or coral.
Ice + Nature = Mojito or Dandelion.
Metal + Nature = Jade or Dragonfly.
Dark + Nature = Rattle Snake or Carnivore Nature.

Electric Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Terra + Electric = Chameleon or a Star.
Flame + Electricity = Laser or Hot Metal.
Sea + Electric = Storm or Lantern Fish.
Metal + Electric = Battery or Golden.
Neon is created by combining electricity and darkness.
Ice plus electric equals moose.

Ice Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Terra + Ice equals Alpine or Snow Flake.
Sea + Ice = Ice Cream or Ice Cubes.
Ice + Nature = Mojito or Dandelion.
Platinum = Ice + Medal.
Electricity and Ice = Moose.

Metal Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Medieval or Steampunk: Metal + Flame.
Mercury or a seashell results from the combination of metal and water.
Platinum is created by mixing metal with ice.
Nature + Metal = Jade or Dragonfly.
Electricity + Metal = Battery or Golden.
Dark + Metal = Zombie.

Dark Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

Terra + Dark equals Venom or a Hedgehog.
Vampire or Dark Flame: Dark + Flame.
Dark + Nature = Rattle Snake Or Carnivore Nature.
Neon is created by combining darkness with electricity.
Ice + Dark = Penguin.
Metal + Dark = Zombie.
Mud + Dark = Poop.

The breeds displayed above are referred to as “Basic Breeds.” However, it is possible to create dragons even from the most fundamental breeds. But keep in mind that no breed is guaranteed. You can explore with a variety of new breeds.

Breeding Dragons in Generation 2: Rare Breed

The generation 2 dragon breeds that are feasible from generation 1 are listed below. Please be aware that not all of these chances will be successful; there may be other ways to successfully breed the Dragon City dragon you’re after. For your convenience, we have utilized the symbol () to indicate the fundamental component for each individual Generation 1 dragon.
Dark + Mud (Terra + Sea) = Poop.
Pirate is Medieval (Flame + Metal) + Alpine (Ice + Terra) or Soccer, Pearl, Armadillo, or Flaming Rock Neon (Dark + Electric).
Oil = Zombie + Mud (Terra + Sea).
Dandelion (Nature + Ice) + Laser (Flame + Electric) = Gummy, Fluorescent, or Laser.

Special Notes About Dragons:

Laser (Flame + Electric), Dandelion (Nature + Ice), Firebird, and Ice can also be used to obtain Cool Flame.
Additionally, you can get armadillo by combining mediaeval and alpine, pearl and alpine, jade and star, zombie and mud, and pearl and burning rock. dragon
Firebird + fluorescent, Firebird + star, Jade + star, and neon + nenuphar are more ways to obtain gummy.
Other combinations that can produce a pirate include rattlesnake + lanternfish and neon + cloud.
It should also be highlighted that the Medieval + Alpine dragon breeding formula is one of the greatest in Dragon City because it can produce a variety of hybrid rares.
The “Generation 2” dragons that were bred above. However, there is no restriction on reproduction. Breeds from generation two can be crossed again.

Generation 3 Dragon Breeding – Legendary

The legendary rank’s dragon breeding list is…pretty scarce. To even have a chance of landing one of these dragons, you really have to rely on luck. We do not yet know the exact formula for these Dragon City breeds because the elements connected to these unusual breeds are highly intricate.

Cool Fire Dragon and Soccer Dragon are both legendary dragons.
Soccer Mirror Dragon – Gummi Dragon – Crystal Dragon – Cookfire Dragon
Soccer plus Cool Fire Dragon, Gummi Dragon, and Wind Dragon

A fully fledged adult dragon is what Dragon City refers to as a “Pure Dragon.”

However, since feeding a dragon is extremely expensive, you can produce a pure dragon straight away.

Generation 4 and 5 Pure Dragon Breeding – The Pure Dragons

The most recent update in Dragon City employs all of the legendary dragons you have acquired: the pure dragon. Because of its unicorn-like appearance, some individuals also refer to the Pure dragon as the “Unicorn” dragon. The Pure Dragon, however, is Dragon City’s official name. This particular type of dragon has its own Pure and Pure elemental home. The steps for obtaining these pure dragons in Dragon City are listed below.

Pure and Pure Element ranking creation has been purposefully divided. Before you can begin breeding Pure Elements, you must first have Pure Dragon, which effectively puts Pure Elements one generation behind Dragon City Pure Dragon.

It should be emphasized once more that there is a probability of Pure Dragon not breeding. Based on our limited testing, we predict that there is a 30–50%, or possibly lower, possibility of breeding the Pure Dragon. When you breed two legendary dragons together, you have a chance of getting any possible dragon combination as a result.

Dragon of Generation 4: The Pure

Simply Dragon – any crossbreeding of legendary status dragons, including Legendary, Crystal, Mirror, and Wind. For instance, Crystal + Mirror, Crystal + Legendary, and…

The Pure Element Dragons are from Generation 5.

Once you acquire the pure dragons, you can cross-breed the pure element dragons with their elemental equivalents using the pure dragon from Dragon City. A list of every single one of these dragons is provided below.

Dragon plus nature equals pure nature.
Pure Dragon plus Flame Dragon equals Pure Flame.
Pure Dragon plus Terra Dragon equals Pure Terra.
Sea Dragon + Pure Dragon equals Pure Sea.
Pure Dragon with Electric Dragon equals Pure Electric.
Ice Dragon + Pure Dragon equals Pure Ice.
Dragon + Metal + Pure Metal = Pure Metal
Pure Dragon plus Dark Dragon becomes Pure Dark.

Advice Particulars on Pure Dragon Breeding and Hatching Period:

The pure dragon breeding combo takes a whopping 48 hours to complete. Special advice on pure dragon breeding and hatching time. Any “pure” dragons from the City hatch in 48 hours as well. The total time required for pure dragons to breed and hatch is 96 hours, or 4 days. Make sure you have adequate backup dragons before breeding these because they will clog up your breeding and hatching queue. Your available legendary dragons won’t be able to fight for the first two days after being placed in breeding areas.

Notes: Rarity Booster for Dragon City Breeding

Breeding Rarity Booster is a new tool that the Dragon City developer just launched last week and may be utilised to increase your breeding chances. We have calculated the rate to be around “double” the initial breeding chance based on the early tests we conducted.
This implies that, “if,” you now have a 30% chance of obtaining legendary-ranked dragons, the rarity booster will increase your chances to 60%. However, using the same logic, Pure and Pure Element combinations really don’t benefit much from rarity boosters. We put the likelihood of breeding Pure rated dragons at 5–10%.Thus, the rarity enhancer only effectively provides you with 5%–10% more (nevertheless it still doubles the chance which helps you get them twice as fast, or even faster). Please take note that we do not precisely know what percentage of breeding opportunities exist; all we know is that the rarity booster depends on the original “rare” opportunity.

Update for Dragon Breeding Times

By giving the dragons varying breeding schedules over the course of the last week or so, Social Point appears to be conducting some testing. The bulk of players now appear to have received this test, which we now refer to as a breeding time update.

Prior to the update, the dragon pair’s parents alone would determine when to breed. The Dragon City breeding period is now directly correlated with the rarity of the egg hybrid offspring as a result of this upgrade. For instance, producing legendary and pure level eggs may need up to 24–48 hours. It typically takes 4 to 16 hours for generation 12 hybrids. This upgrade is beneficial in that it allows you to complete more breeding attempts in a shorter amount of time. This indicates that if you play continuously throughout the day, you can acquire your rares more quickly. Failed non-rare eggs will just require less time to breed.